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Training in Forensic DNA Analysis and the Law

With the assistance of the British Embassy, European Union, Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd., Philippine Judicial Academy and the University of the Philippines, three training workshops will be conducted by Dr. John Buckleton and Dr. SallyAnn Harbison of the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd, New Zealand at the NSRI conference room from Feb 26 to Mar 5, 2003. These workshops include:

1)Training in Forensic Statistics and Quality Assurance - Feb. 26-28 and Mar. 3-4. Participants include staff from the UP-NSRI-DNA lab, NBI and PNP.

2)Training in Presenting DNA Evidence in the Courtroom - Mar. 1. Participants include lawyers from the Free Legal Assistance Group, the Public Attorney’s (Special Appealed Cases Division) and the Commission on Human Rights
3).Symposium in Forensic DNA Analysis and the Law - Mar. 5. Participants include judges and members of the Philippine Judicial Academy.
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Training for DNA analysts in the
Asia-Pacific Region

Through financial assistance from the European Union, an eight-day workshop in forensic DNA analysis will be held in October 20-29, 2003 for DNA analysts within the Asia-Pacific Region. Training using the ALF DNA sequencer and the ABI 310 will also be included, depending on the availability of the equipment in the home countries of the participants. Deadline for registration is August 31, 2003.
Training in Molecular Biology Techniques and Quality Assurance Procedures for personnel of the Bureau of Plant Industry, Bureau of Animal Industry and the National Meat Inspection Commission.
The Department of Agriculture has requested the assistance of the UP-NSRI DNA Analysis Laboratory to train their personnel in molecular biology techniques and quality assurance procedures. The training which will be in April/May 2003 is essential for the DA’s initiative to apply molecular techniques in screening plant and animal products sold in Philippine markets. We are hoping to tap resource persons from other agencies, e.g. Philippine Rice Institute to expose the participants to different molecular laboratories in the country.
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